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    We are the proud developer and exclusive manufacturer of Turmeric-Plus... the "super dietary supplement" that 'may have the most health
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   Y3Kusa - Developer & Exclusive Manufacturer 

-Plus®    The "Super Dietary Supplement"  - '*May have the most health benefits of any (single) natural herb on the planet'
                                                 *Based on decades of world-wide clinical studies at some of the most prestigious hospitals and research facilities in the world.

 Fitch Fuel Catalyst   ~  Shaklee Products  ~  Sunset Alley Studios  ~  Healthy Tropical Fruit Cake ~ And More!  


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Mission Statement: Y3Kusa and Turmeric-Plus are family-owned small business enterprises (SBE). We are committed to providing the highest-quality products and services to consumers with the highest level of integrity. We developed and manufacture the most effective single natural dietary supplement on the market > Turmeric-Plus(tm).  In addition, we offer a variety of selected quality enviro-friendly ("Green") consumer and environmental products that are second to none. We are committed to your satisfaction. Please let us know what you think at ThompsonY3K@att.net.

Al Thompson
Principal, CEO

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Exclusive Manufacturers

Turmeric-Plus(tm)  Organic - All Natural Dietary Supplement > India's "Super Herb" for over 4,000 years.


Feel better & have more energy with > Turmeric-Plus(tm) (turmeric-curcumin fortified with black pepper). Turmeric-Plus is an organic, all natural dietary supplement developed by Y3Kusa. Turmeric (curcumin) may have the most health benefits of any single natural herb in the world. World-wide clinical studies suggest turmeric (curcumin) is helpful in the treatment and/or prevention of many ailments including: Cancers (breast, prostate, colon, lung, leukemia), builds immune system, arthritis, aches & pains, fibromyalgia, gout, blood sugar, cholesterol, type-2 diabetes, fights body fat, natural blood thinner (clot prevention), vascular cell health, Alzheimer's, cox-2 inhibitor and more benefits. Black pepper helps with absorption of turmeric and other nutrients into the body. Documentation of clinical studies from major hospitals, clinics & universities is available. Women who are pregnant and/or breast feeding or people taking blood thinning medications should consult with their doctor about Turmeric-Plus. Ask your doctor about the many health benefits of Turmeric fortified with black pepper in Turmeric-Plus(tm). - available in stores in 2011.

For more information and pricing for Turmeric-Plus, contact: ThompsonY3K@att.net

Authorized Dealer
Fitch Fuel Catalyst   Reduce fuel consumption (5-12%+), Reduce exhaust emissions/diesel smoke (20-60%+).
The Fitch Fuel Catalyst (FFC) is a PERMANENT in-line fuel treatment catalyst that is attached to the engine between the fuel filter and injectors. The FFC electrochemically treats the fuel prior to combustion causing a cleaner and more complete fuel burn. The Fitch Fuel Catalyst has been proven to significantly IMPROVED MPG (+5-12%) and REDUCED EXHAUST EMISSIONS (-20-60%) and increase horsepower & torque in vehicles & marine vessels equipped with diesel and gasoline engines. NOTE: The FFC not an additive. There is nothing to replace or replenish. The Fitch Fuel Catalyst has been tested using ASTM, SAE and FTP-75 Federal Highway Fuel Economy and Emissions test protocol. Documentation is available.

For more information and pricing for the
Fitch Fuel Catalyst, contact:

Authorized Distributor
Shacklee Products  
We offer the complete line of quality Shacklee Products including "Green" enviro-friendly consumer products, household cleaning products. (Coming soon) > For more information, brochures, product and price list, contact: ThompsonY3K@att.net.

Sunset Alley Studios (Coming soon) >
Virtual art gallery and studio ... view from the comfort of your home. Email: ThompsonY3K@att.net

Y3K Energy Solutions - Environmental Management & Consulting Services. Mobile recycling and filtration equipment. Email: ThompsonY3K@att.net

Al's Tropical Fruit Cake - (Coming soon) Healthy and Delicious! EXCELLENT for diabetics! >> No SUGAR and No SALT added. Made with wheat flour. Email:  Al Thompson at: ThompsonY3K@att.net.

Business & Social Networking: (Coming soon). Professional business-to-business and people networking. An excellent and valuable site. Market your business, products or just meet people with like interests.

Business Opportunities - (Coming soon)
NEW (2012) 3-wheel Commuter Vehicle for Handicaps/Disabled drivers (STREET LEGAL) >>> 55 MPH / 45-50 MPG. Driven on the street. Drive wheelchair in rear ramp, lock-in, start (Yamaha) 4-stroke engine and drive off! Easy and fun to drive. Outstanding turning radius. Turns Heads. Seeking qualified partner(s) to re-start production in 2011 in San Pedro (so. of Los Angeles, CA). We are the manufacturer and owner. GROUND FLOOR OPPORTUNITY. Photos are available. (Coming soon). Contact Al Thompson @ ThompsonY3K@att.net.

Three (3) Consumer Products (inventions) - Seeking qualified financial partner to develop, manufacture and market/sell my (3) unique consumer products. Have drawings and concept and/or working models.
GROUND FLOOR OPPORTUNITY. (Coming soon). Contact Al Thompson @ ThompsonY3K@att.net.

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